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Douglass - 4 May 05:56

Souhaiter bien passer loisirs societe tendre chatons. Je suis heureux de pret aider detendre.

Dawna - 7 July 15:25

Chez nous Vous trouverez par vous-même sensuelle prostituees Dundee, douces comme le caramel. Un service au plus haut niveau.

Ripp - 4 October 10:02

I want to end this comment by thanking you, Dr. Doe, for you passion for providing the world with factual, sex-positive information. You are awesome! <3 Keep up the great work!

Aurora - 15 January 16:31

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Admin - 28 January 13:35

what is the name of this girl i think i know her

Tracey - 14 March 11:34

Dr. Doe, you are so wonderful and I really enjoy these videos. It's great to hear and learn about sex and relationships in an intellectual way that doesn't feel sterile and clinical. You're video on crushing has been my all time favorite and has helped me understand how I feel. I have even begun sharing that video with my friends who struggle with understanding their own crushes. I also share it with people that I do have crushes on as support in the event I'm not clear with what that actually means.

Etta - 26 June 13:20

Here's a useful tip if you do it without a dam: make sure the dish doesn't put prep-H in their hole beforehand. That is the absolute worst taste; bitter and minty, in a bad way. Some chicks prep-H their hole if they anticipate anal sex because they think it will help; make sure they don't.

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