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Amber - 2 April 18:51

Cherie mignonne, attends insouciants rencontres poursuivre. Fais-le, appelez et viens dans la chambre, et viens a vous, Je ferai n’importe quoi, que vous voulez!

Fitz - 30 December 13:38

After fucking Jake like a buggerizing beast, dangling from the open wound.

Eve - 22 July 15:46

2. Intimacy into me i see (TM .reminds me of Love Guru (2006)

Fidel - 9 August 14:45

I think the first question is: Does the person have the capacity to give informed consent? Do they understand what they are consenting to and the risks/benefits? For some people the answer will be yes, for others, no. Another consideration is power imbalances. For example, I would say that it is unethical for a caretaker to have sex with a client because of the power imbalance in that relationship.

Tolman - 28 June 11:35


Harley - 21 May 07:02

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